Download Soldiers: Heroes of World War II demo Free for Windows

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“All right, let’s go and stick our heads in the meat grinder!” Thus begins Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, which invigorates the real-time strategy genre with a dash of third-person action. Much like that sound bite, the game suffers from a loss of context. The read-me file provides vital control information for repairing and refueling vehicles, but the lack of in-game instructions, tutorials, and control configurations means a high barrier of entry. If you can learn how to play on your own, you’ll get fantastic action and awesome explosions in a highly detailed and destructible battleground. If not, the Germans will crush you.

The feature that distinguishes Soldiers: Heroes of WWII is the ability to toggle between point-and-click and direct controls. Direct control lets you position units with directional keys and aim precisely with the mouse. Send one of your soldiers to the mortar gun, place another in the tank, then switch to direct control and start blasting. However, you can only move the camera with the mouse, which conflicts with direct-control aiming. Also, we couldn’t find any hot keys for selecting units and assigning commands. Blowing up a speeding German motorbike is fun, but you’ll only get there if you have the patience to teach yourself how to play.



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Download Soldiers: Heroes of World War II demo Free for Windows

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