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Apart from short trial time, this game is superb in all respects. SuperPower 2 puts you in position of a leader of a country and lets you tweak its economy, manage political relationships with neighbors, research military technologies, build armies, and lead them into battles. The demo allows you to play a single scenario for Russia with 90 minutes limitation, and that would be just enough for you to read the game manual (look for it in the game s directory) and try it out. The management of the country goes on the globe, which has high-detailed graphics and looks like earth from space even with shifts of day- and nighttime. Clicking on various buttons or armies brings up many menus. SuperPower 2 lets you regulate the laws of the country (even allow or prohibit same-sex marriage), get into numerous policy settings, and observe much statistics. We were impressed how many little things this game lets you to manage. A plague for some strategy fans, but a blessing for other, the wars are not of much interest in SuperPower 2, because all battles are commanded by your generals, and you have to sit and watch. Your role in wars is limited to building armies, designing, selling, buying units, and sketching the routes for maneuvers. A great thing in SuperPower 2 is its engaging music. Fans of economic strategies with fast connection should try this demo out, and odds are high they will seek for the full version after that.


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Download SuperPower 2 Free for Windows

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