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The looks, music, and interface of this turn-based strategy game reminds us of those in the network edition of Civilization. Metal Knights 98 isn’t up to today’s standards, though.

The graphics use a mere 256 colors, and the units’ unanimated sprites are uninspiring to say the least. The MIDI sound splutters, and the game lacks a volume-adjustment option. The interface is a plain gray window with drop-down and pop-up menus. That might be adequate for freeware, but a $16 game ought to deliver more. The gameplay is a a simplified combination of Civilization and Battle Isle. You capture cities, gather resources, buy military units, and attack the enemy.

The modern combat units include tanks, commandos, rocket launchers, and a dozen others. There is an online multiplayer option, but it doesn’t allow simultaneous moves. The demo’s four-use limitation is another minus. Overall, we doubt many contemporary gamers will take to Metal Knights 98.



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Download Metal Knights Free for Windows

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