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With its basic, but well-rendered interface, Lion Designer for Mac makes it easy for users to change a number of appearance features on their Mac OS X. In addition to options for changing Mission Control, Dashboard, and Launchpad backgrounds, it offers users the ability to modify FaceTime preferences, log-in and desktop icons, and Mission Control and Launchpad animations.

Lion Designer for Mac opens immediately into a well-designed, visually appealing main interface. Three buttons along the top allow users to check for program updates, revert back to all defaults, and activate an example manager. A check box also initiates a tutorial, which is a nice touch despite the program’s ease of use. The window is divided into two main columns. The left side contains a number of labeled rows, each one with its own “Change” button, and a small icon indicating the current background image. Users can modify the background image for the Launchpad, Dashboard, Mission Control, and Notification center, all from the same window. The log-in icon and FaceTime ringtone can also be altered from here. For each option, clicking its “Change” button brings up a Finder window where the user can select the desired image file for use. The right side of the window allows changes to animations via a slider, along with options for hiding and revealing the User Library and Desktop Icons. During testing, the program seamlessly applied our changes, and the option to revert to the defaults worked equally well.

Lion Designer for Mac is an excellent choice for those who want a good all-in-one program for customizing many elements of their Mac OS X.



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Download Lion Designer Free for Mac

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