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This game turns the tables on hunters by placing weaponry in the hands of a trash-talking deer. In Deer’s Revenge, you find yourself stalking various rednecks outside a trailer park. The game gives you a quite realistic first-person view of the action; you’ll even see antlers to the left and right of your screen. First, you browse a map looking for signs of hick activity, which include empty beer cans and NRA brochures. Once you suspect a hunter is nearby, you can lure him into the open with various hillbilly calls and sounds. After pinpointing your enemy’s location with binoculars, you simply raise your gun and blast away. If you nail the hick, his head gets placed in your tropy room.

Deer’s Revenge boasts excellent, well-detailed graphics; appropriate sound effects; and humorous banter. However, since the demo only lets you play on one level and disables most of the additional weapons, some folks may find gameplay repetitive, especially since the helpless rednecks can’t fight back. It’s very annoying that the game won’t close by itself after you exit, forcing you to shut it down via the Task Manager. Certain users are bound to find Deer’s Revenge’s stereotypical portrayal of hunters offensive, and it’s almost certainly too violent for children. However, folks with a twisted sense of humor or those who oppose the hunting of game animals likely will have some fun with this one.



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Download Deer’s Revenge Free for Windows

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