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It’s an odd choice for a publisher to give up interface space to advertise other company’s products, but it might be worthwhile if this freeware app to check and repair hard-drive errors offered more than Windows’ built-in tool: Chkdsk.

CheckDrive’s sleek, graphic-laden interface is more advertising than information. Two large panes offer ads for other companies’ products. The remainder of the interface displays a graphic rendition of the hard drive that looks much like the old video game Breakout. Gold bricks turn green as the program checks the drive. The three-stage check resembles the process used by the Windows command Chkdsk, and we didn’t find it any faster or more informative. In fact, the Windows command actually presents more information as it checks the drive. The app doesn’t list problems or even the number of errors found. It simply flashes a message that errors were found and asks users to press a button to start repair.

Oddly, testers reported that the repair process often failed with the message that CheckDisk could not lock the drive. It was easy enough to click to repair the drive at next boot, but, again, that’s no improvement over Chkdsk.

The other downside is that CheckDrive used considerably more overhead to run than similar drive-repair tools or even Chkdsk. Novices might appreciate this simple tool, but advanced users will almost certainly want to stick with the command-line program Chkdsk.



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Download CheckDrive Free for Windows

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