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SDR Free WMV player


SDR Free WMV Player

:Windows Media Video or WMV is also another audio video file format created by MIcrosoft just the the avi file type. The WMV file was originally created as a small compressed format designed for online/Internet video streaming. The compressed size of WMV files allows for high quality or resolution packed into a small video file. As the WMV file type has grown, Microsoft continues to use high compression ratios in their new versions WMV 7, 8 and 9. In order to enjoy watching a file that is in .wmv format and player must be used. SDR Free WMV Player is light, slick and easy to function. Simply open up your .wmv file and begin watching instantly.

Features include right-click menu option, full screen video, out-of-the-box ready meaning no additional codecs are required and much more. Best part is the SDR WMV Player is 100% free. Enjoy.