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SDR Free virtual wifi router


SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router

SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router – 100% free, but fully functional

Wifi router is almost and always used, when you access the Internet via Wi-Fi at home, work, or school. This Wifi capability is built into Windows 7, but it is difficult to enable.
This SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router has simple GUI and user-friendly controls to make it easy to turn your Wifi equipped PC or laptop into a wireless hub. SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router is portable freeware for Windows OS including Windows 8.

How to use?
You may open this SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router after install.
You may set Network Name and Password and set Internet Source.
Press Start Virtual Router.
Yes, now your device whether it is laptop or desktop became a virtual Wifi Router.
You may try to access this router from your mobile phone. Try to set Wifi connection to this router.
Then your mobile Mac Address, IP Address, Host Name shall be displayed in SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router.
This means that you mobile can access to Internet through this router now. Enjoy.

You can also extend your main router's range with it. SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router makes it easy.

You are welcome to use this simple, fully functional & even 100% free - SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router!