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SDR Free tiff viewer


SDR Free Tiff Viewer

Tiff files which typically have the .tif or .tiff file extension are a tagged image file format. These file types are meant to store picture graphics and images used primarily in the publishing or imaging industry. The tiff file format was created by a company Aldus, but is now under the control of Adobe Systems. There are multiple uses for the tiff file including handling data and image content packed in one file, hold compressed images such as jpeg and packbits compression, and store images in lossless format. In order to view these file types a viewer or reader must be able to open and interpret the image. SDR Free Tiff Viewer provides multi functionality including rotating the tiff image, zooming in and out for easy viewing and skipping between each page of the tiff file. Start using the easy and simple SDR Free tiff Reader by clicking download.