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SDR free dvd ripper


SDR Free DVD Ripper

There are many kinds of DVD rippers, but it is the time for you to get your experience to taste this simple, but high qualified SDR Free DVD Ripper.
A DVD ripper is usually used for copying the audio and video content of a DVD to a file encoded in AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV or other video formats. The ripped file saves in a hard disk or other media device for further editing, backup, sharing or playback without the need to load a DVD.
If you have a collection of DVD movies or music videos and want to extract a chapter or make a full backup copy from a DVD to a video file in selected format, these are the free DVD rippers you might be looking for.

In which format do you want to encode?
Yes, you can copy DVD audio and video content to most file formats.
This SDR Free DVD Ripper supports formats to be converted including AVI, Blackberry, Creative Zen, DV, DVD, Google, Google Android, iPod-iTunes, LG, Mobile Phones, Neuros OSD, Nokia, Palm, PS3, PSP, QuickTime, Rockbox, Tuna-Vids and VCD.

How is it easy to use?
Just insert DVD and then you can click Disc or Folder to load all video and audio content of DVD.
You can select a proper file to be converted.
You can set the format to be converted and preset among Xvid FullScreen, Xvid WideScreen and MS compatible AVI.

Want more?
You can even play the highlighted video to check whether it is what you want to be converted and snapshot screen while it is played. Enjoy the free download!